Another year Randomdata at Hack in The Box (#HITB2013AMS)

Randomdata was invited again to join this years Hack in The Box' commsec village.
This years Commsec village consisted out of various hackerspaces but also some other communities like OWASP Netherlands, OHM2013 and Nikhef.
A wide range of hardware was available in the villages including 3D printers, Alarm systems, Old computers, LED's, OWASP rockets (grr!) and much, much more.

On the media side the Commsec village was a popular place to take photos, also the Dutch television was enjoying the hacky environment. HITB came in the news a lot with subjects but of course most media was interested in "old DDOS news", I'm glad we could convince them there where better subjects! You can find items on CNN, RTL Nieuws, Nieuwsuur but also the newspapers/sites had more then average attention for all the hackers.

The CTF was inspired by the game Pole position, the title was PWN position and the scoreboard was a racetrack!

One of the challenges at the CTF was supplied by Randomdata, we used one of the wireless alarms where we added a wireless sniffer and transmitter to. The challenge was to sniff the wireless signal, decode the pulses and find the "code" of the system. The easiest was to check the Randomdata wiki but the alarm was "anonymous" so it wasn't that easy. Second way was to sniff a "on" and "off" code, compare them and BOOM!

There were a lot of great talks this year; talks about aircraft hacking, failing customs, how Canon cameras can be used as spycams, and of course great keynotes!
For The Netherlands there where some hi-impact ones too:
*Wilco Baan Hofman, a friend of Randomdata and Bitlair member, was presenting a talk about alarm protocols (remember HITR2NDB?)
*Blasty presented a leak in KPN routers, I do have to say they fixed it fast and I liked their response :-)

You can find a copy of the slides at the

All in all another great HITB conference, let's hope 2014 will bring one as well!

2013 © All rights pwned by Randomdata ;-)