Hack Square at CCC camp

It's all about the future... in the near future CCC camp is coming up. Randomdata is going to join together with other hackerspaces and groups of the BeNeLux. Our dream is called Hack Square (H2X), a nice square filled with hackers, geeks, projects and much more. The sky is NOT the limit.What to expect? Nothing confirmed yet but these are some of the details: Hardware/Hackerspaces village, Lounge, BBQ area, LED's and Lasers, Your hackerfriends ;-), A bus ride from the Netherlands to the camp, Hardware/stuff transport
In the mean while, follow the HX2 wiki
Want to join? Please blank" title="Fish his wiki page">contact Fish_ he will coordinate from the Randomdata side.
A brief overview of the related organizations: ACKspaceBinaryVoiceBruconeth0hack42HSBXLHXXRandomdata, RevSpaceSignalSk1llzSyn2catWe void warrantiesWhitespace

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