TOG, the Dublin hackerspace

So, last week I was in Ireland and wanted to meet up with the 2600ie guys. Some confusion inside my head lead to writing down a phone-number wrong and I missed that event. The day after they invited me to come to their hackerspace, TOG, in the center of Dublin for "A few pints and a movie". How could I not accept?
Finding a hackerspace is always a mission, especially when dark and you can't see signs. They always seem to be in the most fitting and cool locations though. Dark, industrial-like atmospheres and inside you'll find the most friendly people you never met.
One might say that TOG was started by members from the 2600ie community together with random people who seemed to be interested in such a place. Like a lot of other hackerspaces, it's not just electronics 'n hacking. For example; they have a monthly crafting night. Like on their website: "Craft Night. Everyone brings whatever they want to work on, and we hang out, chat, craft, and share.". They also host more technical workshops like electronics with Arduino and software-related ones like programming or networking.
The space itself was a lot bigger than I expected. TOG's common area is bigger than Randomdata's and then they have quite a few extra rooms and a huge kitchen. They have a separate area for their workshops where they have a beamer setup and some tables to work on, a "workshop" with tools and a place where mess can be made, a little lab which was up the stairs which had sinks and everything to work quietly they even had a little separate room which would become a library. A little room in the back was the server room, it went "bzzzzzzzz".

With all the gadgets lying around from the old-school Arcade machines till a Maker-bot, this space is doing very well in my eyes. Around the corner from pubs and other social places, it's a great location. 
Thanks for showing me TOG and for the chats+fun in the pub, see you next time! 

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