Eth0: Not your average packing list

One minute you are driving along the scenic Dutch landscape and the next you are surrounded by a bunch of geeks, tents and network cables. A few of us (fish_, [com]buster, and myself) had the pleasure of attending eth0 (an outdoor computer with some people from the 2600nl meetings we created our own little tent-village.
There were a bunch of interesting lectures such as DrWhax's "Hacking the government" , [com]buster's reverse engineering and fish_'s "Invasion" talk. Fish_ also gave a Arduino workshop in the hardware tent. This was one of the tents where hardware geeks could get their freak on.If you needed a good place to just chill the lounge was the perfect spot. Lots of mattresses and bean bags surrounded by power sockets and disguised lackracks ( the event there was a radio station called Binary Voice ( broadcasting hackeresque news, discussions, interviews and music. The hackerspace radiostation signal ( also broadcasted an episode from the event's studio. You can find the streams on-line.
All in all I had a great time at the eth0 summer event, and I am pretty sure everyone who attended feels the same way. The event was well organized so thank you to everyone that made it possible and all that attended! I'm looking forward to the winter event already

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