Been a while since last post so I thought I'd give some updates!

The Hack in the Box conference was quite a succes! Many people came to check out the hackerspaces village which was open for everyone. Kids, young hackers, balding midlife crisis-stars, even the elderly walked in - awesome. The Arduino workshop given by our CHAIRMAN (all hail) fish_ was also a succes. I went to check it out for myself and wasn't suprised to see people with smiles on their face when they got blinking lights working .
The multicultural staff (Malay which is multiculti itself, Dutch, Italian, American, ...) worked together amazingly well and had a great time. Like the famous quote from The Mentor "We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias..." It reflected to us hackers in real life aswell. Relegion, skincolour (and haircolour!), langauge, sex were all set aside and together the volunteers&staff made the awesome conference work. I promised myself I wouldn't remove the wristband 'till everything of this con has ended, making blog now I guess that time has come!

So, backto Randomdata. With the conference behind us now, time has opened up for some members and motivation is there again to start exploring the world of technology. This is where we get to the title. Last night, on our open space evening, the space starting filling up with members and our internet connection was slowly dying. We ended up with no intarwebz and no way to fix it! I saw this amazing thing happening, people starting to tinker with technology even without ze intarwebz. For the second part of 2010, I predict lots of new projects emerging and workshops given.Speaking about workshops, if you're interested in analogue photography you might want to check the workshop page: Lomo/Analoge Photography" 31nd of August & "Build your own camera" 29th of September. Register now at the workshoppage
Movienights... Yeah, it was a great idea back then but seeing our little "diy beamer"-project failed (:D) and the guy who had the beamer left for France, out of all places, we nearly thought of canceling the night all together. BUT! We now have a big-ass TV coming in, donated by ITQ so be sure to check out that Movie night page!

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