Planet of the apes

What happens if you put the following in the blender: Geeks, BBQ, meat, more meat, Club Mate, generator, speakers, laptop, etc. Well, the answer is quite simple, the RandomBBQ!
At 17:00 it started, heading with the basic stuff like a BBQ, drinks and food to the Lepelerpark, just around the corner of Randomdata. After a relaxing hour in the sun most of the people came in and it was about time to give the BBQ a start. A boost denatured alcohol gave the BBQ a kickstart and it didn't took long before the first meat was placed on the grill. The RandomBBQ was organized "American style", in other words: bring your own stuff. Well we did, actually the most of us didn't only brought stuff for their selves but at least for two or even a whole family! So we had some "spare" meat and after a while we decided it's better to share some of it with our park neighbours.... The were very graceful of our offer and they enjoyed some of the Random meat we couldn't finish
And then it was about time, time to geek up the park a bit. Time to start a generator, setup a screen, beamer and of course audio and laptops. There we were, watching "Planet of the apes" in a park near the space. Awesomely brilliant IMO!
Thanks you all guys and girls (especially Revspace for bringing the cinema setup) for something new to us all, the RandomBBQ! To be continued for sure!

2013 © All rights pwned by Randomdata ;-)