Bleep peep bang and squeak

Friday night, DrWhax gave us an intro of Pure Data at our space. Pure-Data is a realtime visual programming language to do wicked things with audio, visual & graphical processing. And so we did! It didn't took long before all our hacker friends had their laptop setup with all kind of squeaky sounds. Although it wasn't much music (yet) we had quite some fun making each other a little bit more deaf with too high frequencies.
The basics of Pure Data became quite clear, you have/create an input (this could include input from audio/webcams/arduino's etc), you create some functions around it (with controllers and so on) and put it to an output (this could also include a lot of different outputs like audio, video, etc).This sounds a bit easy but it's more difficult than I though. Making noisy beeps is quit simple but making nice sounds is much harder. The functions can do unlimited stuff with the "pure data", they can change, generate or totally modify your entry source of information. Hooking up midi-hardware or Arduino's is possible and they can be used as a controllers to activate functions or be another source of data which can change your output. The sky is really not the limit.
Whax, thank you for you time! We really enjoyed the evening. 
This workshop was also the first time we experimented with live streaming our events. We did learn some lessons but the results are good enough (IMO). Want to check-out the result of the streaming? Check out the recordings in Dutch (from 04:30 it really starts):

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