Hacker community condemns denial of service attacks, advocates ethical hacking.

13 Dec 2010 - PERSBERICHT: 10 december 2010(English translation in extended version)In reactie op de recente berichtgeving rondom de aanvallen op verschillende websites en de arrestatie van een tiener uit de regio Haaglanden organiseert het lokale hackerhonk 'Revelation Space' in Den Haag op 18 december 2010 een bijeenkomst over ethisch hacken. Dit met medewerking van o.a.

Hack Square at CCC camp

It's all about the future... in the near future CCC camp is coming up. Randomdata is going to join together with other hackerspaces and groups of the BeNeLux. Our dream is called Hack Square (H2X), a nice square filled with hackers, geeks, projects and much more. The sky is NOT the limit.What to expect?

Randomdata at the HiTB Hard-hack village in Kuala Lumpur

A 12 hour flight and you are in Kuala Lumpur where the friends of HiTB and Hackerspace KL are waiting for you. This is what Deathzor, Thursley, beloved friend DrWhax and myself found as soon as we arrived in KL.

TOG, the Dublin hackerspace

So, last week I was in Ireland and wanted to meet up with the 2600ie guys. Some confusion inside my head lead to writing down a phone-number wrong and I missed that event. The day after they invited me to come to their hackerspace, TOG, in the center of Dublin for "A few pints and a movie". How could I not accept?

We gotz more pixels!

So, it took a while to get everything ready. But we are proud to announce that we finally have everything we need to have a decent movie night. Our own flat screen TV is now part of the space!

A big THANK YOU!! to ITQ for this great gift! It will be used well

More movie night wiki action coming up...

Eth0: Not your average packing list

One minute you are driving along the scenic Dutch landscape and the next you are surrounded by a bunch of geeks, tents and network cables. A few of us (fish_, [com]buster, and myself) had the pleasure of attending eth0 (an outdoor computer event:eth-0.nl).Together with some people from the 2600nl meetings we created our own little tent-village.

Randomdata goes KL

In October two of Randomdata's participants and a very close friend will visit the Hack in The Box Conference in Kuala Lumpur.


Been a while since last post so I thought I'd give some updates!

Hack in The Box security conference

The biggest security conference from Asia, Hack in The Box, is coming to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Hack in The Box started in 2003 in Malaysia and aims for Security Professionals. The conference will be held on the 29th of June till the 2nd of July.

Planet of the apes

What happens if you put the following in the blender: Geeks, BBQ, meat, more meat, Club Mate, generator, speakers, laptop, etc. Well, the answer is quite simple, the RandomBBQ!


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