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18:00 0xf00d

19:00 Opening of the meeting

  • Introduction
  • Minutes last meeting
  • What has happened last weeks?
  • Projects and activities
  • Finance
  • Space
  • Cleaning
  • Buying
  • Board
  • /dev/random

21:30 end of the meeting

Meeting minutes

Board meeting Randomdata 30 October 2010

Attending: Fish, Kahits, Xor, zkyp, Thursley


Fish opens the meeting at 19:00

There are no extra subjects to add to the Agenda.

All meeting minutes of the last meeting are accepted and no changes are necessary.


Official introduction Thursley; See private wiki for more details.

What happened last weeks

We now have a toilet, yay!


  • We've had quite a few meet-ups with other hackerspaces, notable one being the BBQ in the park near our space.
  • We had visits from notable groups like BoF giving workshops

Future There are a few workshops that are semi-planned but keep getting delayed.

  • RFiD
  • Amsix
  • Iso27001
  • shellscripting

zkyp will push and poke around to get some things planned.


Finance is going really well. We have saved up enough money for our buffer, the time is here to spend some of it. ;-) (numbers in private wiki) Our mean landlord is upping the rent. The whole board agreed to the new rentingcosts. The monthly donations will be lowered from 30 to 25 euro starting in 2011. We currently have 10 people who donate!


We discussed the possibility of a new space. We agreed that we would not look for but if we might stumble into one it's surely worth to check it out. Setup Utrecht has shown interest but the board was mixed about this. A better infrastructure in the space would create some more room. It might also be time to get rid of the huge wooden table which eats space. A flexible setup would be best.

Cleaning and stuff

  • The board still thinks that a schedule is stupid and not needed. Instead, we are introducing the credit system. More on this to follow. (spam thursley about it)

(Toilet, vacuumcleaning, kitchen, dishes and even the towels and stuff)

  • The keymaster is still the guy to blame if it's a mess, please tell people to clean keymasters!
  • Introducing a 'fun-day', every 3rd Saturday of the month will be clean/fix/build-day. This is the day where we will throw away hardware, build electrical sockets, stuff like that. Fish will organize these days
  • The kitchen will be cleaned soon! ("cleaned" meaning it will actually look like a kitchen after)


  • We will continue to buy Club Mate, this is pretty popular. Same with soft drinks.
  • Other beverages like beer and snacks are not needed seeing these have a expiration date and we have a supermarket around the corner for such things.
  • Nespresso, what else? Fish_ is such a George Clooney fan that we decided to buy one of these machines for the space. The whole board agrees.
  • Also, according to fish's notes, we shall not buy tomato's or salades.

Serious board stuff

Kahits, our minister of finance points Thursley to be his succeeder. Kahits will still be a member of Randomdata. The whole board agrees. Xor, the secretary of the board quits. zkyp will be the new secetary. The whole board agrees.

Future boardmeetings will take place every 3 months.

Future and /dev/random

  • Next to the boardmeetings, we want to organize "Randommeetings" where the donators can tell the board 'sup. These will be planned by zkyp.
  • The key-system we are using now will stay the same. New donators will not get a key until they are "trusted". This will take a trial-period of a certain time. [com]buster successfully survived his trial, he will be receiving a key from fish_.
  • Due to insurance issues, we will hang up a sign which says "Betreden op eigen risico!"
  • Promotion material: We need some more. We _don't_ want black t-shirts anymore, colours ftw! Thurlsey will look into this
  • New tools: Inbus, torx, drill and more soldering. Donators can ask for new tools if needed.
  • Look into a paypal/micropayment account. Thursley will do this
  • Seems that we need a sign-up form (according to fish' notes and my nick is behind it!) zkyp
  • Sucky WiFi, will be fixed soon.
  • Laptop from ASR! Kahits got us a laptop from ASR as a donation, it's running Ubuntu and is free to use!
  • Sponsorship, Thursley has a friend who knows more about this - he will dive into it more deeply.

21.30 Boardmeeting closed