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18:00 Food: (IRT) Indische Rijst Tafel

19:00 Opening of the meeting

  • Introduction
  • Announcements: any?
  • Minutes last meeting
  • Location
  • What has happened last weeks?
    • Books + magazines
    • Status projects
    • The community
  • Brucon brainstorm: Win the hackerspaces battle!
  • Review Actionlist
  • Q&A
  • WIP (Work In Progress.... live hacking
  • Cola and/or beer

ca 22:00 end of the meeting

Meeting minutes

Board meeting Randomdata 9-june-2009

Attending: Fish, Xor, Kalola


Fish opens the meeting at 19:00, the meet will be a small one.


No new subjects were added to the Agenda.

All minutes of the last meeting were accepted and no changes are necessary.

For next meetings some "new" people could be invited:
One is a Arduino "artist", he does projects with Arduino's
An other is somebody who works at a CSIRT, he has great security knowledge
And last but not least, an electronics guy who has a lot of technical knowledge

Fish will plan a meet were the will be invited as a guest.


Xor came up with an idea to contact schools to "rent" their facility's. He will try to find out what is possible.

What happened last weeks

Books and magazines

  • The new makezin arrived, including a Garduino setup.
  • GGHB (Great Granny's Hacking Book) could be arrived, Xor is not sure.

2600 meet

Fish went to the 2600 meet in Utrecht last friday. Again a fun meeting with lot's of chat's. He keeps going to the meetings for now.


Last month Fish visited the Medianetic RFiDuino workshop. The workshop was fine but a bit too crowded. Also some problems with the RFiDuino exists for example: Power problems, communication problems, etc. This caused a bit stress during the workshop. Fish bought an analyser for I2C to troubleshoot on his RFiDuino [1]. It's a great analyser, currently it works on Windows but Linux and Mac software are on is way.


The gArduino project is doing well. Currently the system is in monitoring status and soon the pump will be connected. :-)


Kahits KiteCam project is doing well, he bought a very very VERY big kite.

XOR's TOR exit node

Xor his fiber is not connected yet, he is in preparation mode now.


No updates for the moment, factsheet is needed for the sponsering.

Any other business (AOB)



Randomdata is invited to Brucon and they challenged us to attend to the | Hackerspaces challenge.
We agreed to join the challenge! So we had a good brainstorm and two new projects were definned, the Beerduino and the bArduino.

Activity list

ID Subject Owned Ready before
--- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------ ---------------------------------
2 Find out space All until found
7 Kickoff All 1 September 2009
9 Find great granny's hacking book Xor Search
11 Create a fact sheet for the kickoff Board 1 july 2009
13 Create a wiki structure Fish On going process
15 Invite guests' Fish 1 july 2009

changes are in Bold

Comments/changes about activity's

1: Exit because we "know"
7: Plan a lunch with the board to define actions
13:On progress, on going progress

Finished activity's

ID Subject Owned Ready
--- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------ ---------------------------------
1 Find out how to register as a Stichting All Parked
3 Organize a NSLU2 meeting Kahits 17 Febr 2009
4 Broadcast we are looking for space Fish before 17 Febr 2009
5 Organize a Arduino meeting Fish -
6 Our "secret" project All no date yet
8 Organize a Xor tweaking meeting Xor 3 March 2009
10 Communicate 2600nl meeting details Fish 1 March 2009
12 Contact Protospace Fish 1 May 2009
15 Meeting 14 April subject Kahits 14 April 2009