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Randomdata is a group of fine people who wants to do more in the life of technique.
We want to research, have fun and expand our knowledge.

The idea came up in December 2008 when User:Fish was having a chat with Eric Michaud.
The Netherlands did have some hackerspaces but not in the Utrecht area. So Fish was thinking, he couldn't do this alone, why shouldn't he do this with User:kahits?
So one phonecall was just enough to get the idea rolling.... Randomdata was born!

So for now Randomdata will be a roaming hackerspace, because we just need to start up and gett things done! We don't have any base location yet but we hope this will change soon. There are some idea's to work on :-)

Some facts

  • Randomdata was born 01-01-2009
  • The board of Randomdata is:
  • We also have staff
  • We are open for people who would like to join, just give us a sign: Communication

You can find some more information about all our members at the members page