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Once a upon a time a hacker his Xpresso machine broke down. After investigation it seems to be the logic board broke down.

To fix his caffeine needs this is the plan:

  • Remove the logic board and document
  • Find out all the functions and settings by TMP fix the logic board
  • Design a new logic board based on Arduino
  • Ceate the new logic board & install it
  • Write code, test and finetune
  • Document the details

Decompile the machine and document

Type: ECM botticelli Functions:

  • Power on/off
  • Temperature controll for espresso & steam
  • Steam on/off
  • Warm water on/off
  • Espresso on/off
  • Steam pipe valve

Nice to have:

  • Out of water detection
  • Remote power on and/or timer
  • Power monitoring