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Everybody has a lot of information but what happens with your information if you pass away? Well to be sure your information is not lost it's a good idea to leave a digital testament.


Anything you would like to leave digital and which is important to leave digital. Think about:

Password list

A list with ALL your codes and passwords:

  • For email
  • For bank accounts, creditcards, bank logins
  • Laptop usernames and passwords

Encryption keys

Leave encryption keys of all encrypted disks, sticks, cards, online storage, virtual images

Private images/movies

All images/movies/multimedia you would like to share after you pass away.


Your data store is the place were you will leave your testament. The datastore is encryption with the strongest available way of encryption you can get. Why? Because your datastore contains THE information of your digital life. If this information got stolen you've got a problem. Encryption techniques differs from time till time. They've got broken or they just aren't safe enough for new techniques.

Your data store can be stored on any media. One thing is important, the media must be on a safe location. This does mean that a data storage isn't safe enough. I preffer media like CD's, Hard Drives, DVD or memory cards.

Data store encryption

  • Truecrypt
  • Apple disk image
  • PGP encryption

Master password

This is the password of your datastore. The password will give the owner of the CD access to you testament. That's the reason why you should make a difference between password owners and hardware owners.

= Password distribution

For example this could be a password distribution strategy:
Testament pwstrategy.jpg

  • at least 3 persons are needed to open the datastore
  • 1 person could pass away at the same time

It is advice-able to leave the password parts in sealed (principle) envelope's at people who aren't directly connected.