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Fish Lamp1.jpg


Last week I needed some battery's and visited the Blokker. (For people who don't know Blokker, it is a cheap store with a lot of crap you don't need or with no official brand). I saw a very nice lava lamp for 5 euro's. It had no lava but water in it and there were some floating fishes in it. Because our chairman's nick is Fish_ it seemed the right buy for the right price.

broken piece of sishhh

when I unboxed it (no unboxing video) I saw that it needed battery's *sigh*.... I tried some AAA (instead of the needed AA) and it worked. But, it leaked water and the pump didn't work. Crap. Like I already said they sell crap.

Some hacking to do

Some people call repairing, hacking as well. So I hacked it with some hot glue.
But when busy, I also made a 220V to 5V adapter in it so now we can just plug it in to any wall outlet.
In the hood of the lamp there is some space for some more LED's so maybe this is a nice thing to do in the future.


After re-asambly with some help of [com]buster it worked at last. It is watertight and it works with a power supply instead of freaking battery's.


Fish Lamp2.jpg Fish Lamp3.jpg