Gaming night

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Gaming night

We want to have a (classic) gaming night at the space!


We'll start with the 24th of Feb as first date, if it's a succes other dates might follow.
For accurate dates check:

We Need:

Old games, new games, shitty games
Classic consoles?
Candy, lots of candy


Everyone can add/vote for their favourite games so that we know what we're getting ourselves into.

Let's vote:
Game Year License Who has it What's needed to LAN? YT link Who voted for it
Descent 1995 Non free source zkyp IP/IPX [1] fish :-)
Ground control 2000 Free The interwebs IP [2] Suggested
AoE 1997 Free ? Suggested [3]
Amiga collection 86-94 WAREZLOL Randomdata Serial :-) [4] zkyp
Quakeworld everyone vs zkyp '96 Free zkyp IP [5] zkyp
Worms (wormux?) Multiple dunno Internet IP [6] zkyp
Doom 2 '95ish GPL-ish Jelmer, rest of the interwebz TCP/IP, or serial port [7] jelmer, fish_
Serious Sam timeless Commercial sharkzor garden scoop/wheelbarrow [8] sharkzor
C&C Tiberian Sun 2000 Legal! Combuster, Google Windows+TCP [9]
OMF 2097 1994 Dunno Google Dosbox/DOS+Serial [10] (Com)buster

Who will be there:

We have limited space in the space, so we'll need to keep a guest list. Members have first priority, non-members can join for a small fee. Per evening we got room for 6-7(8?) people at the moment Yes i'm there:

24 Feb 2012

Food 18:00, gaming starts 19:00