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Project Gemknight was [com]buster's pet project in 2016-2017, and resulted in the creation of a imitation of Taric's hammer


One day I discussed crazy outfits with a friend, and wondered what it was like to see a colleague dressed up like his favourite LoL character. This would be Taric. The fact that he called my bluff over it gave me an extra push to start the project


The crazy part of this idea is to combine a mold with semi-realistic "gems". The process would be roughly as follows:

  1. Create a rough surface, using a 3D printer
  2. Cook up a green supersaturated solution (using lemonade?)
  3. Pre-apply crystallised sugar to the intended locations to promote growth in those places, and to have less of that happening where the mounting holes are.
  4. Soak the entire object into the solution, and let it stand there for a week.
  5. Separate the solution and re-saturate it; repeat until size has been obtained

Setting surface

In an attempt to give crystals a more preferred location to settle, I printed a grid onto the front face of the object. I let Cura do this by receding the surface, and have it add buildplate facing support. This adds an automated grid in addition to avoiding pure flat surfaces created by the heated bed, allowing better crystal settlement.


Saturation is achieved around water 1:3 sugar in volume - i.e. for each cup of water you'll want to mix in 3 of the same cups worth of regular market variety sugar.


After having a go at normal solutions I tried a few other base liquids and add sugar to those.

Colour Basis Result
Blank Regular water
Purple Red cabbage. I bought a jar of the stuff for dinner and when it was done I extracted the liquid (and ate the rest). After storing it for a few days I used the solution undiluted and only added sugar.
Green Mint Lemonade, sponsored by Themba. I've mostly been adding this to regular water after saturation in significant amounts. The result is that the solution does look green, but the crystals are still mostly transparent.
Yellow (failed) I tried the same method again with canned tropical fruit, extracting the uncooked fluid and using it as a pure basis. I tossed this away after I had fungi instead of crystals :(



These files are available under the CC-BY-SA license