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So this is where the great master plan will be put. Hmm, ok - I better get started then.


I think it's best to start off with a simple inventarisation of the stuff which is in the space now to see:

  • What is actually worth something and can be sold?
  • What can we use or buy of the owner? (YES, WE WANT THAT PIRATEWHEEL)
  • What has to be thrown away? -> Bigger trash has to be taken away, who will do this?

So, let's make a list as soon as possible.


The main question: What do we want? And of course, how much will it cost?

Costs What? Why? Amount of Extra:
------------ -------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------- -------------------------------
€0-40 (2nd hand-) Couch For those brainstorm chill moments... 1
>? Tables To work on? A few zkyp has 1 table 1.5/0.75 meter or so ready (if needed), Fish
€25-50 (cheap combi-) Microwave To nuke 1 zkyp has a normal microwave ready (if needed)
€15-20 Tosti ijzer to bake kipfilet ;) 1 Fish has one, for multi purpose.....
 ? Chairs to work on? A few zkyp has 4 chairs (if needed)
~€50 (2nd hand?) Fridge Obvious reasons 1 Harry has one! 100-50-50 in dimensions, will have to talk to him about it upcoming week.
€0 Old PC hardware to work on/play with A lot of it? Fish can arrange some stuff for free. Combuster has an existing collection with lots of unused stuff.
 ? Tools to work with like soldering irons, screwdrivers, hammers, saws, etc al lot Fish
€20 First aid kit Safety first 1 Have the first aid kit, now we just need some stuff which isn't 10 years past its perishable date (yes yes, expensive word usage)
 ? fire extinguisher Safety first 2?
- Arduino Alarm For asshole detection and user detection 1 Fish will build
- Freezer pizza? 1 zkyp has one available but doesn't think if one is needed at this time. ;-)

Feel free to add ;)

Ze interwebz and power

  • Q: I am thinking we are going to use quite a lot of power, how will we measure this so it won't be unfair towards the shop owner?
  • A: We can arrange a measure unit, Fish has one. Also a power down of non-primairy circuit should be arranged for increase safety and reduce usage
  • Q: Going to need different current-groups.
  • A: Yes indeed, we need a primary circuit with permanent power. Secondary group(s) will be switched off when the space is left. We will use a combination of door contacts, motion detection and other sensors (sound, vibration, etc) to detect people. These sensors can also be used for an self made alarm sensor.

  • Q: Will we get internet from the shop? Do we have to pay extra for it? How fast is it? Can we abuse it? ;)
  • A: The shop has internerts, we can hook up to it but an IDS will check the data. The segment of the shop will also be protected by a firewall

Toilet&Kitchen area

  • Q: Toilet needs to be built, are we going to do it? If someone else does it, what will be the costs?
  • A: Work in progress with the shop owner
  • Q: Kitchen probably has to be modified.
  • A: No problem

Extra door

  • Q: As far as I know, there will be an extra door between the studio and our space so that they can use our toilet. I take it this door is going to be installed by a professional? How will we secure it to make sure no shady characters come in a inconvenient time?
  • A: Door will be made by the shop, we will use a key system to close the door. People who use the studio will be trusted, they are from the shop itself.

Keys and outside door

  • Q: The fence and door are separate keys, I guess.
  • A: True
  • Q: Who will get the keys for the space? All members? Maybe there should come a ruling with certain fixed days of people being there.
  • A: Thinking about a core group first. If there is a trust and we all agree other people will be added