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Thuesday 1st of october 2013 we had a 3D printing workshop. After our dinner we invited the owner of the cafetaria to join us. He came, looked at the printers and asked if we could make something for him. Which we did off course. We proudly present the Snackbar Ali Napkin Holder.

Tinkercad & Thingiverse

We placed the .stl files not only public on Tinkercad's website but we made a post on the Thingiverse (to come) website as well.

Version 1.0

We made the holder with a program called Tinkercad. Just with a simple ruler we first made the logo and after that we copied and mirrored it. Then we made a small baseplate. Version 1.0 had some bugs. Its baseplate wasn't stable because of the lack of support stands. The logo itself needed support during print, since the holder existed of one part, therefor it needed to be solid.

Version 2.0

After a small revision we made the holder in three parts.

  • Base plate
  • Side panel (2x needed)

This made sure it got the best result when printed, as a big plus the holder can be printed within 3 hours.


Tinkercad - Ali's Napkin Holder
Ali's page


NapkinV1.jpg NapkinV2 1.jpg NapkinV2 3.jpg NapkinV2 end1.jpg NapkinV2 end2.jpg