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Some of the Randomdata people have the idea to start selfsupporting power for Randomdata. RDSSPS means: RandomData Self Supporting Power System.


The basic steps in the process (for now) are:

  • experiment with solar power
    • Order some solard cells (done)
    • Order a charger (done)
    • Get a battery for testing (done, 7ah 12v)
  • experiment with wind power
    • Get a wind turbine (arrived)
    • Build the wind turbine (60%)
    • Connect the wind turbine to the battery system
  • Create usage systems
    • LED Light for the bench (LED's are inhouse)
    • Inverter for 220 usage (inverter is inhouse)
  • Monitoring
    • Hook it up to the space Arduino

After this testing face we probably learned a lot, next step: build a production system

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Wind turbine

By using the kit of Windstufnow.com (http://www.windstuffnow.com/main/3phase_turbine_kit.htm) we started to play with wind energy.
Currently we are building the turbine, the it looks promising.
Windturbine spool.jpgWindturbine vertaxrotor.jpg

Power storage