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RandomData Drone (RaDD)

RandomData is going to build a drone, for ethical use off course. Just to discover the possibilities of a Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) and to get some knowledge on this subject.


We held a brainstorm session for our own space drone. The RandomData Drone (Radd). We first made a list about the possibilities what we could do with the RaDD.

  • Automatic burgular system, hovers around your home when home alarm is activated, and take's pictures of suspicious cars and people.
  • Wifi deploy, a mobile Wifi AP.
  • Warflying, some Wifi harvesting.
  • Cloudpoint images, make a 3D image of the city.
  • Operation doorbell, 433 MHz hacking drone.
  • T.V.DroneGone, a universal flying t.v. switch off.


The decision is made to make a multicopter platform. By building the platform with the modularity in mind, it will be possible to easily change payloads. Therefor it can be used in different projects. Ardillo makes a list with the possible parts. This list is just a guideline to get a grip on the expense.

Parts list

The parts are selected from www.hobbyking.com, with the price in mind. As warehouse it is possible to select the Dutch warehouse, but they are a bit more expensive. So therefor we used the global warehouse for making the list below. These are only the basic parts for making the quadcopter fly by human interaction.

amount what url price total
1 Q450 frame - integr. PCB Q450_Glass_Fiber_Quad $7.99 $7.99
4 AX Brushless motors AX_2810Q_750KV_Brushless_Quadcopter_Motor $18.56 $74.24
4 40A ESC HobbyKing HobbyKing_40A_BlueSeries_Brushless_Speed_Controller $18.33 $73.32
1 Multirotor FlightController HobbyKing_Multi_Rotor_Control_Board_V3_0_Atmega328_PA $17.99 $17.99
1 set 10x4.5 props 10x4_5_SF_Props_2pc_Standard_Rotation_2_pc_RH_Rotation $3.14 $3.14
1 transmitter OrangeRx_T_SIX_2_4GHz_DSM2_6CH_Programmable_Transmitter $64.99 $64.99
1 receiver OrangeRx_R800X_Spektrum_Compatible_DSMX_8Ch_2_4Ghz_TwinPort_Rx $29.99 $29.99
2 liPo ZIPPY_Flightmax_2650mAh_4S1P_30C $29.07 $58.14
1 power distribution Hobby_King_Quadcopter_Power_Distribution_Board $3.99 $3.99
1 charger Turnigy_Accucel_6_50W_6A_Balancer_Charger $22.99 $22.99
- - Total $356.78

This is around €272.73 when ordered from the Dutch warehouse the total price is: €293.88. Some parts need to come from another warehouse because the Dutch warehouse doesn't have them.


When wandering on the big bad internet Ardillo found this thing, almost to cheap to make it yourself. It uses a multiWii board as flightcontroller, the same you can buy at HobbyKing for around $20. It makes you think why are these complete drones that cheap... you can break a couple for that price. For more information about the multiWii flightcontroller take a look here.

more to come...