Reverse engineering ZIOVA CS615

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ZIOVA CS615 outside.jpg ZIOVA CS615 inside.jpg ZIOVA CS615 pins.jpg

Pinout UART

X  X  TX  X  GND
.  X  RX  X   X

TX: Transmit (box)
RX: Read (box)
GND: Ground

Connecting to TTL usb cable

To connect to FT232R (6-pole plug):

Ground to black
RX on system to TX on cable (orange)
TX on system to RX on cable (yellow)

Serial configuration is 115200 baud 8N1


CS615[bin]$ cat /proc/cpuinfo
system type		: Sigma Designs TangoX
processor		: 0
cpu model		: MIPS 4KEc V6.9
Initial BogoMIPS	: 291.84
wait instruction	: yes
microsecond timers	: yes
tlb_entries		: 32
extra interrupt vector	: yes
hardware watchpoint	: yes
ASEs implemented	: mips16
VCED exceptions		: not available
VCEI exceptions		: not available
System bus frequency	: 198000000 Hz
CPU frequency		: 297000000 Hz
DSP frequency		: 297000000 Hz


ZIOVA CS615 boot