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Fish is doing a small trip to Reykjavik (Iceland).

Because he has some spare time he wanted to visit a kind of Hackerspace (Artlab) called "Hugmyndahús Háskólanna" (direct translation: Universities' ideahouse). It's a breeding ground for startup companies run collectively by the Reykjavik Uni. ( and Iceland Academy of the Arts ( with a community-feel to it.

Some goals of this visit:

  • May-be do a podcast for later Hackerspaces Radio use
  • Have some chats with people around the world
  • Have fun

Some details: Hugmyndahús Háskólanna - frumkvöðlasetur
Grandagarður 2
101 Reykjavík, Iceland
Multiple links:

Some pictures

Reykjavik1.jpgReykjavik2.jpgReykjavik3.jpgReykjavik4.jpgReykjavik5.jpgReykjavik6.jpg 250px