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What is it? It's a RFID reader, we bought it somewhere on ebay and now we want to reverse is and see if we can do something with it.

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  • Works on 12 volt
  • On boot "beeps"
  • Reads RFID Mifair classic out of the box, no idea what and how
  • Has on the back: power, RJ45 port (9volt?), "kinda" PS/2 port
  • On PCB there are some connectors
  • Did found a comport chip and 2 Philips chips.
  • Does not read Mifare OV Chip kaart or other tags...? --> Probably mifare ultralight only, classic (Chipkaart) and passport no worky


  • Find the comport and see what it does
  • See if we can send back some information
  • Find out how to program it using the ps/2 SMARTCABLE port and probably brick it
  • Throw it out of the window because of rage


  • Obviously not a network connection ;-)
  • The Ethernet connector seems to be an kind of serial connection, the 1st pin is the GND en the 8th pin is somekind of data line
  • The data captured looks a lot like the usage of the ISO/IEC 7813, which is used for standarisation on magnetic stripe cards i.e. creditcards.
  • Colourcoding
    • Brown= gnd
    • blue/white= -8.8v
    • green/white= 9.3v
    • orange/white= -8.8v (data)
    • other= no shiz!
  • Settings Logic analyzer:
    • 50M samples
    • 24 Mhz freq.
    • 8 bits
    • 1 stopbit
    • no parity
    • LSB send first
    • inverted
    • no special mode
    • 19200 baud


  • minicom sees this:

Welcome to minicom 2.5

OPTIONS: I18n Compiled on May 2 2011, 10:05:24. Port /dev/ttyUSB0

Press CTRL-A Z for help on special keys


"Start / Bank account / Name / Data / Code+Date / End"?



  • A bit of a bitch, no idea what it is.
  • "Smartcable" according to the whitepaper, probably for programming/configuring.